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R&D Framework

Fangsheng Pharma, whose core competence is new drug R&D since its inception, persists in rejuvenating the company through science and technology. Powerful technological supports, such as multi-platform new drug R&D system, cutting-edge R&D team and sufficient funds and grants for R&D, contribute to the strategy development and plenty of R&D achievements.

◆ Multi-platform New Drug R&D System
Fangsheng Pharma strives to build the multi-platform new drug R&D system, including Hunan Fangsheng Huamei Biopharma Inc., National Center for Doctoral Study, Hunan Cardio & Cerebrovascular Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center, Hunan Enterprise Technology Center Controlled Release Formulations, Biological Agent Platform and etc., which contributes to the seizing of commanding height in new drug R & D.

◆ Cutting-edge R&D Team
The cutting-edge R&D team guarantees the drug innovation and development. The R&D team in Fangsheng Pharma consists of numbers of returned doctors and professors. The proportion of senior R&D engineers in all staff is up to 10%. While establishing and cultivating internal R & D team, Fangsheng Pharma cooperates with external strength of cutting-edge specialists in domestic and overseas pharmaceutical industries, and science and research institute as well.

◆ Sufficient Funds and Grants for R&D
Continuous investment promises the development of new drugs R&D. We allocate R&D fund according to annual sales revenue by a fixed ratio, which helps to keep a long-term competitive advantage.

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